artist statement 

The movement of my hand subconsciously creates the form. Each stroke inspires the next; in return a certain flow is created. There is an absolute connection between my thoughts, feelings and the movement of my hand. I carefully yet spontaneously place lines to emanate texture, contrast and depth and in the process invent captivating stories My artwork is infused with cultural memories and reminiscences of fairy tales from my childhood in Poland. Inspiration comes from people, nature and unpretentious things encountered in life. I elevate the simplicity and transform the ordinary.  

Within countless hours spend in the repetition of line and its movement, my drawings transform dense graphical patterns by the use of kaleidoscopic arrays of forms: lines, objects, circles, dots and curves.  

Influences are broad and range from 16th century printmakers: Albrecht Dürer, Lucas van Leyden, Parmigiano through Polish school of posters primarily Waldemar Swierzy to finally European modernists like Marc Chagall.