Organization is the key, but keep it in the balance

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It has been 5 days since we moved in to our  tiny home. So far we've enjoyed it greatly. Still organizing, reorganizing, moving things around to find the optimal place for each item. Good organization is the key to small living. Everything needs to have its own place. At the same time a healthy dose of flexibility helps as in any other aspect of life. 

Things you can do:

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Can we host a dinner ? Yes we can. First one happened yesterday, our cousins visited. We enjoyed their company and the delicious food. We ask people not to bring anything ...for obvious reasons. People however, never listen. Did I mention we're very forgiving:) ? Now awaiting the blooms of the beautiful hyacinth. 


The Piano

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The Piano was delivered today. Yes, the 300 sq ft amazingly enough includes a space for a piano. It sounds beautiful in a tiny unoccupied air in which the tunes travel freely ( not exactly but who cares, sounds good to us). 



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300... that is exact square footage of our new   home. We moved here on February 24th. It has everything we need, and somehow it seems pretty spacious:) we'll write in more details about it later. Today we're happy, relieved of many material possessions, don't get me wrong we still have a lot but only the things we truly need (and more importantly love). B our soon too become enjoying teen son amazingly is happy as well. Jumps and happy screams are common occurrence. 

So far so good:)  


giving time...

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